Equipment storage cage photo from WirecraftersIn the realm of large scale industrial operations, the efficient handling and transportation of goods and materials is of critical importance. In the lack of proper equipment storage or specialized solutions to meet the specific demands of the job, there can be severe delays and other kinds of impediments in the speedy execution of typical operations. In these times of fierce competition, that is something that no industry can afford to tolerate.

Equipment storage cage are essentially a wheeled truck / trolley base with a metal mesh / cage vertical storage area on top of them. Since they already have wheels / castors and can easily be pushed and maneuvered in and out of distribution vehicles, and easily moved to and from areas where good are loaded and unloaded, they remove the need for some of the costly and specialized transportation which is normally used with pallets e.g. fork lifts. This cages are also known by other names related to their purpose and appearance e.g. a parcel trolley, cage trolley, roll container or more simply a distribution trolley.

The equipment storage cage benefits

These metal wheeled trucks / trolleys eliminate the need fork lifts, and provide much more protection of and security for the goods stacked inside them. Their use of vertical space and uniformity of width and depth due to their defined sides and lack of product overhang bring several advantages and benefits. These include making better use of space in transport, and allowing the use of shelves within the cages thus reducing the damage to goods and again making more economical use of space. The metal mesh construction makes equipment storage cage more durable and stronger than pallet alternatives.

Although the metal sides limit the size and positioning of some items, and the metal construction can sometimes make their use noisy, theses potential drawbacks are more than offset by the benefits already mentioned.

In terms of unit cost to buy and rental costs, although roll cages are more expensive than pallets on the face of it, their durability and the fact that they are almost always returned means that they should more than pay for themselves over time and in fact contribute to lower costs, greater efficiency and effectiveness, and greater overall competitiveness for distribution companies who use them.

For more solutions in material storing and transportation in large containers and steel boxes, you can use industrial trailers and other special transportation means. Available in a wide range of strengths and sizes, these specialized transportation devices are indispensable in most industries that have to deal with large container boxes on a regular basis.

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